Fitness Shoot

We'd love for you to browse BWell's fierce new marketing photos.  This E9 shoot was located and shot throughout downtown Ft. Lauderdale's expanding art district, FAT Village.  Spend a minute and browse some of our favorites from the day.

Happy New Year!

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Time is going a bit too fast.  These two South Floridians just celebrated their first year of marriage!  Looking back at these images has, first off all, made me realize that I do not blog nearly enough.  Second, it reminded me how ridiculously fun and inspirational it is to shoot at Plymouth Congregational Church in Coconut Grove.  And by the way, the wedding gown, it is in fact the exact dress the mother of the bride wore for her very own wedding.  What a memorable day.  Congratulations Christine and Jose on your first year of marriage!  Forever bliss.  -E9

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Ocean Wedding

Sally & Roberto ditched the Northeast chill for a warm breeze and a sun-drenched venue.  South Florida evenings are typically spectacular year round and this particular night was no exception.  Their constant, contagious smiles express the love and happiness they share toward one another combined with the excitement of saying their I Do's seaside.  Everything about this day was insanely perfect.  Cheers to Sally & Roberto, and forever bliss!

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Back in Wynwood

This has become one of my favorite places to shoot in South Florida.  Miami's Wynwood Art District has really gained popularity since E9's first shoot there a few years ago.  Home to Art Basel and just about every coffee drinking hipster in the region, the neighborhood boasts some of the best city wall art in the country.  Christine & Jose, both designers, live just a few miles south in downtown Miami, so it was only natural that we shoot their engagement session in one of the hippest and most artistic and colorful neighborhoods the city has to offer.  

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el·e·gant [adj.]

The one word that continues to come to mind when describing the wedding of Christina and James is, Elegant.  From her exquisite hair, to a stunning dress, the entire day was permeating with grace and style.  Their warm personalities and love they share for one another is storybook, a thing of beauty.  This wedding was truly a pleasure to experience and photograph.  Forever bliss, Christina and James.  

Elegant {tastefully fine or luxurious in dress, style, design}

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