Elevation 5280 [Fifty Two Eighty]

E9 is ecstatic that it is extending its roots and expanding to the Rockies!  Boulder & Denver to be exact.  This milestone is something we have always envisioned and to see it come to fruition is very rewarding.  To truly tap into the Rockies, we have created a sister site to e9, called e5280, rightfully so.  The Mile High City has already shown incredibly unique opportunities.  Colorado offers a vast variety of dynamic shoot styles which allows our portfolio to continue growth and diversity. 

Bobby Micsak & his wife are currently traveling the world, literally, but while on a short rest in Denver, he was able to launch e5280's Facebook.  Please, when you have a chance, check it out here.  You can follow these two as they venture through the Netherlands, India, Southeast Asia, Russia, and eventually wondering through the great national parks of western America.  Stayed tuned and take care!

Keep Discovering.


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