Quiet Moments, Expressive Sites.

This has been a common occurrence within the last year or so for E9 wedding shoots.  More and more, a majority of the couples we have photographed have leaned towards less emphasis on the "reception hall/ballroom" mentality and more on environments or locations that have a special meaning between the two.  From beach fronts to mountain sides, couple that plan their wedding day in areas with simple, meaningful character allow themselves a sense of familiarity and comfort, which is a photographers formula for natural, candid shots.  Brides and grooms that immerse themselves in places they cherish or cultivate, mute their distractions, and escape the heaviness of the day.  They in turn embrace true moments and a connection between them, that will last a lifetime.  As photographers, we are privileged to witness these moments. 

Below are a few of these moments from some of our recent weddings.