{who we are and what we do}


Andrew and Bobby launched Elevation 9 Photography in 2009 as an off the wall side project in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  What began as an excuse to explore and shoot, quickly turned into photographing weddings, engagement sessions, and beyond.  While the two share a common passion for photography, their consistencies in shooting techniques and off-beat style has become E9’s backbone.  They challenge one another and continue to discover.  For them, every photography project is a test, and that test is what inspires and motivates them to capture raw, unique moments that are not fabricated and last a lifetime.

In 2013, Bobby expanded E9’s roots and sprung an office in Denver, Colorado, earning the name, Elevation 5280.  With locations on the beach and in the mountains, the two have advanced their portfolios far beyond expectations.   As they continue their momentum, both are exploring their passion for Fine Art Landscape photography as well as Digital Art and Graphics.